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Discover a Yuletide Treasure: The Long-Cuff Rosette Glove

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and when the festivities wind down after the new year, the gardeners among us will be looking at rose bush-pruning season. It can be a treacherous time, when unwieldy canes full of prickly thorns seem determined to take a bite out of pruners’ arms and hands. Well, never fear

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Five Stocking Stuffers for the Gardeners in Your Life

During the holiday season – any time of year -- it is a blessing to have gardeners in the family. Not only do they love to keep their gardens in tip-top shape, they also are easy to find gifts for. We’ve collected five of our favorite small gift ideas for the gardeners who bless your

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Create Your Own Gift Basket Bounty

We all love bounty, whether it is an overflowing bushel of vegetables, a hearty Thanksgiving meal or a stunning arrangement of fall blooms fresh from the garden. You can create a holiday gift bounty by creating baskets of goodies for the gardeners in your inner circle. Here are the vital ingredients for gardening gift baskets:

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Timing is Everything for Both Gardens and Gifts

When it comes to planting and growing the perfect vegetable garden, decorative landscape or quaint window box, timing is everything. Not only do seeds and starts need to make it into the ground at just the right time, plants must be maintained and pruned regularly for maximum benefit throughout the season. It turns out that

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The Most Popular Styles of Fields & Lane Gloves

If you’ve explored our website, you’ve probably clicked on the descriptions of all the types of men’s and women’s gardening gloves we create at our Fields & Lane workshop. Each has its own selling points, from the elegant men’s driving gloves to the pretty-yet-protective Rosette model, which has long cuffs for working with prickly rose

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Gardening Mistake Leads to a Hard-Hitting Lesson

We bet you can’t find a gardener who hasn’t made a major mistake with a landscape plant or vegetable garden. But they probably wouldn’t trade those snafus for a perfect gardening record if given the opportunity. That’s because they likely learned a lot of their best techniques from correcting things they’ve done in the past.

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Maximize Your Time with Solid Composting Skills

Whether you maintain a freeform compost heap or turn your hand-cranked compost bin every Sunday, you want to know you are going about the whole task the right way. It’s no fun to make the effort only to find you’re not getting any heat or things don’t seem to be breaking down as quickly as

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5 Reasons Leather is the Best for Gardening Gloves

People who are shopping for gloves to wear in the yard have all kinds of options, but we’re here to tell you leather is the best all-around choice for any kind of work you want to do. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. After all, we do have some skin in

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Bring Outdoor Color Inside with Spring Blooms

Although the bloom times for a lot of flowers vary across the country, there still are some standard flowers that should be showing up just about everywhere around this time. Here in the Willamette Valley, rhododendrons and azaleas are in bloom and bud break is being celebrated at our nearby vineyards. We're also enjoying a bounty

Farmer’s Almanac Gazes into Crystal Ball Every Year

Now in its 224th year of printing, the Old Farmer’s Almanac is both a quirky throwback periodical and an important tool that many people swear by. Add into the equation the writers’ subtle humor and the wide breadth of topics covered, and you’ve got a resource unlike any other. Whether you love the almanac or