Our Commitment to Community


We take our values seriously, integrating them into our business and our personal lives. Our focus on special-needs children has its roots in owner Bob Laughlin and his wife Dorothy’s experience with their own daughter Bonnie, who had cerebral palsy.

Philanthropy in our Company & Community

In 1992 the Laughlins started helping at La Escuela de Enseñanza Especial, a public school for children with special needs in Costa Rica. Their involvement with the Escuela is really how they got involved with the community there and why we set up shop in San Isidro. Our factory has been making semiannual donations to La Escuela de Enseñanza Especial since we started producing in 1995.

The factory also makes monthly donations to support two homes, or hogares, for community members with special needs in San Isidro. Hogar Manuel is a group home for adults with disabilities. Hogar Bethania is a care center for adults in the last years of life, average age over 80.

We’ve also helped the victims of the Haiti earthquake and the 9/11 attacks by donating our work gloves to support the relief efforts after those disasters, shipping over 900 pairs to Haiti and some 2400 pairs to relief workers after 9/11.

Personal Commitment

On a personal level, Bob and Dorothy Laughlin substantially support the Bonnie Jean Laughlin Foundation they started in 1998. Named for their daughter, the Foundation’s mission is to help special needs children and their families develop tools that allow them a better quality of life, by providing special education, language and psychological therapy, as well as economic support. Read more about the Bonnie Jean Laughlin Foundation on its website (in Spanish).

Here in Oregon, Bob has been on the board of Mid-Valley Rehabilitation for twenty years, and the treasurer for ten. Mid-Valley Rehabilitation is a private, not-for-profit organization which provides services to adults with developmental and other disabilities. Their mission is to assist persons with disabilities to develop to their highest potential and achieve fulfilling lives.

The Opportunity to Give Back

Both as a company and as the individuals behind it, we believe that our business gives us a great, and very important, opportunity to give back. We’re committed to making the world a better place, and not only for the satisfied people who wear our gloves!